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The Gran Turismo Sport demo starts at 12am PDT (pm IST) on October 9 for those with PS Plus - Sony's paid multiplayer online subscription.

That's a whole 18 hours before non-PS Plus subscribers can check it out.

Some people asked me how many levels i have done or when the full game will be released, I think they don’t realize that making a video-game like this from scratch takes really many time and even if i spend many time on this I’m not a game studio, it’s not like build a custom level with the old level editor for Tomb Raider (it’s not like modding).

The whole game won’t be finished after a few years, so please just stop to ask for a release date, i’m just at the beginning of the game.

The official EA Sports Twitter account hasn't made the announcement yet, BUT, the FIFA 18 demo is now live!This is a final build of the game and you can compare it with the previously released video of the same game segment. My new video is here, it’s the introduction of the Great Wall level. That said, you can imagine I want it to be perfect and I’d rather take my time to avoid botched work and deceptions.I have taken the liberty of extending the original cinematic cause it was very short. You may have noticed, autumn’s here and the download section is still empty even though I said there would be a demo available this time of year. The purpose of this demo will be to show you the large picture of the interpretation of the game I’m going with – even if it’s only the beginning, I hope it will be representative of what’s coming next – because, as you may already know, it won’t be an HD copy of the original Tomb Raider 2 game, but an actual remake.I want to keep you informed of the current state of the project.I know I haven’t posted many things last time but don’t worry i’m still working.

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