Carole radziwill dating russ irwin

Which is exactly how crazy she seems to be driving her Real Housewives of New York co-stars!

Aviva called in to The Gossip Table where she dished on tonight's drama between herself and Carole Radziwill, both of whom have competing books hitting the market at the same time.

I don't know, I just felt like [Heather and I] were a little concerned about that, and we felt like there were a few of the women by the end of the first season—unlike Heather and I who got really close and that was a real organic friendship—there were others that we left the season thinking, ‘Oh boy, she's just crazy.

We don't really want to spend much time with her,'" Carole told E! While on the show, Carole saw its benefit firsthand.

It's about watching his life go down in flames," Irwin says, adding: "When Steven heard the song, it seemed like he could really relate to it." Irwin, who has written songs for Foreigner, Meatloaf and Scorpions, and toured with Sting, Bryan Adams and Duncan Sheik, says "Too Crazy" was inspired by the late, great rock genius Frank Zappa, and is about "someone cheating on you, lying about it and then trying to convince you that you're crazy." We hate when that happens.

The Long Island native will return to his home turf on July 1 when Aerosmith plays the Nassau Coliseum.

Though none of them have revealed about their break up officially, may be they don't want to end their relationship."To me, I look at it as a job, I've been working since I was 13, even through my marriage when my husband could have certainly paid my bills [Laughs].But it's a job and I felt a little bit like maybe I'd be a quitter after just doing one season."Last season, Carole was dating musician Russ Irwin, and this year's she's a "single girl, kind of about town.""You'll see me go out on date. It's very hard to see yourself dating…but I do go on dates, so you'll see that." But viewers will also get a look into the world of publishing as filming picked up the last steps of Carole's work on "The Widow's Guide." "A lot of my life is my work, so you'll see me meeting with editors and I record the audio book, do signings and press and stuff for the book," she said. Then you'll see me complaining about my love life rather than participating in it." is a bit different."There's definitely drama on this season and people love that, and also we had a lot of fun this season because we all knew each other much better.According to Us Weekly: ' They are still friends. Rather confusingly the source added: ' They didn't quite break up. A source said, “They took a step back over the summer and are giving each other space after living together.They still spend a lot of time together, and will always be in each other.

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Aviva Drescher is clearly this season's pariah.

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