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The Premier League is blessed with ambitious, ruthless forwards in Kane, Alvaro Morata, Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku.

I thought that Chelsea replacing Diego Costa with Morata would be one of the biggest gambles of the season.

But he was animated as he spent time with Kane, who showed him a photograph of himself that hangs in a room at the training ground.

Christian Eriksen also popped in to spend some time with Greaves at the training ground in Enfield.

He does not court the limelight — he almost needs a tattoo or a silly haircut to make him stand out!

Eriksen, David Silva for Manchester City and Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho all dazzled this weekend.

He is hungry to score but is always looking to create chances, too.I read that Antonio Conte thinks Morata is the sort of player he would be happy for his daughter to marry. Conte will be able to get the best from Morata without having to deal with the dressing-room distractions Costa might have caused.Aguero has a renewed hunger and is looking sharper than ever.He is explosive over five yards and is the Premier League's best out-and-out finisher since Robbie Fowler.But for me, Lukaku looks the most likely to be crowned as top scorer come May.

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