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This is no ordinary GAA player or ordinary GAA book. Immortal: The Approved Biography of George Best (2013, Century) This island has hardly produced a more outrageous sporting talent than George Best, and no Irish sports figure has probably inspired or written more books either.

The immediacy and generosity of these insights, allied to the wonderful photography of Billy Stickland and his Inpho team, make these books among the most handsome and treasured of the previous decade. House Of Pain: Through the Rooms of Mayo Football (2007, Mainstream) Duggan is one of Irish sportswriting’s most stylish talents of the last 20 years and nowhere has that been more evident than here.At the start of 2006 he decides to postpone his studies in Canada after the death of his father to cancer and essentially become a full-time athlete.The reward is an All Star but in 2007 he returns to Canada to not just finish his degree but cycle the country coast-to-coast to honour his father.Gillespie here is straight up, no secret footballer, just a millionaire one — or at least he used to be, before he went bankrupt.The gambling, womanising and boozing is recounted without shame or pride, while his assessments of the many dressing rooms, teammates and managers that he encountered are fascinating.

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In 2008 he continues to struggle with his father’s passing, his identity and decreasing interest in hurling, while rarely has a season in the doldrums been as vividly and humanly captured as Griffin’s account of Clare’s 2009 season.

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