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”Jarvis has fearlessly opened the door to the male kitchen and invited the public in.A year after surgery, he still has not had an erection. The thing hasn’t been like this in 50 years.”The only “malfunction” he’d ever had before, says Jarvis was “once in a hot tub in Montreal.”“Here’s the full humiliation,” he added.Sadly, the cancer metastasized, and five years later, he died.Had he been more proactive and less fearful, Hardaway believes “absolutely” that the outcome would have been different.“Jeff Jarvis is a hero,” she said. Prostate cancer throws mortality and sexuality in the ring together: If you win your life, you could lose your erection.“If a man is sexually active and it’s a big part of his life, it’s critically important. Larry Goldenberg, founding director of the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital.“She was talking to others, telling me erections come back.That was so hard to deal with.”What got them through, he says, was acceptance.“Once we accepted that the erections were not going to come back, we could move on.”Snuggling and being close has really helped, he says.“And we use a strap-on,” he says, somewhat mischievously.“We do it that way, which is pleasing to her.”Jeff Jarvis, renowned American author and blogger, is fully out of the closet with his prostate cancer. Diagnosed a year ago, he has blogged about the indignities big and small: having a “mondo stapler shoved up my ass” during the biopsy; picking up Viagra and pads to deal with incontinence; a helpful pharmacist who yelled out across the store, “Is he gonna need the diapers, too?

“It used to be, ‘Get the condom out of the drawer.’ It’s changed to, ‘I’m going to do the injection now.’ At 25 this would have been a real problem.Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.Going public with his experience, he hopes, will encourage other men to get tested and stay healthy. I can rationally remind myself of this.”He compares looking down at his unresponsive penis as a kind of out-of-body experience.“Some people get some action back in a few months, but I’ve had nada. “I got the penis pump and even that doesn’t work for me.”Jarvis, who is married with two children, is remarkably free of embarrassment.This is his “small mitzvah,” for the luck he has had: He has been declared “cured.”“It is very freeing to be oneself,” Jarvis said in a phone interview from New York.“Erections are an odd thing, especially not having them. For him, going public has been liberating, and forced him to engage with the very meaning of what it is to be a man.“We men spend our lives being led around by our penises,” he said.

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“I started him on Viagra last night.”Blood flow to the penis allows oxygen into the area, keeps tissues healthy, prevents atrophy and helps men recover sexual function.“If you don’t use it, you lose it,” Goldenberg said. Help is available Shannon Griffen, a sexual health clinician, said she encourages men to bring their partners to appointments where erection enhancement is discussed.“Some of the men I see are of the mindset that ‘It’s my problem, my concern, I’ll take care of it,’” Griffen says.“When a couple has gone through something like this they need to be more verbal, have more communication.”Men experiencing failure with erections may withdraw from their partners; partners not wanting to pressure their husbands may also withdraw sexually.“Couples that have been together 35 years and want to resume their sex lives now have to ask, ‘How do we do that?

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