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These fruit and veggie muffins have all of the elements to basically be a complete meal! This may be a silly question but did you steam all of the veggies or just the broccolli, and did you steam the apples? Natalie, I also tried to make regular sized muffins and they didn’t cook in the middle. Try 350 degrees, but you will probably have to bake them for 30 minutes. The reason the first batch did that is because the veg/ fruit purée was too liquidy as I had used too much apple juice. Keep up the amazing job and thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes!! I just store them in the freezer and then when we want to eat one, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds. I made these today and they also took at least 45 mins to bake and still were very moist. Here are a few suggestions: 1) Don’t use steamed cauliflower – use steamed broccoli – I only used about ½ cup of it.also did you put the banana with the wet ingredients or in the food processor? I have used all sorts of veggies in my muffins, but never before have I thought of broccoli. Also, even if your kids are great fruit and veg eaters, I always like recipes like this as a way to go a step further and get them extra in a snack too. Be careful not to add too much broccoli, I used broccoli, carrots, and pear sauce for my fruit veggie combination and the smell of cooked broccoli wafting off my muffin was just not appealing. I made a really large batch with all of the puree that I made and so it probably evened out. I think the temperature might be too high but I’m not a skilled enough baker to know what the best temp and time to use. Try making the purée thicker and they will turn out muuuuch better:) also mini muffins is the way to go. Your right Hilary, I am taking the protein out of the muffin however I did that for my own selfish reasons…my son gets plenty of protein in his diet but lacks fruits and veggies so that is why I decided to take out the yogurt and add more apple/pear sauce. I used steamed caulifloer, apples (they were very wet), applejuice and fresh brocoli (maybe my mistake)…they tasted too brocoli’y…4 year old and I threw away. 2) They turn out better as mini- muffins because they are smaller and take less time to bake. I made them using the exact recipe on the site and they turned out delicious. If your blender is strong enough, then you can definitely use a blender.This is one of the most popular recipes on our site.Thousands of people have made these muffins and raved about how much their kids love them.

My kids help me make them and know exactly what is in them, but don’t mind at all because they taste so good.

If you don’t like carrot shreds in your muffins then blend the carrots with everything else. And let’s not forget fiber – these little muffins are packed with it! ) I made an pear/apple sauce and added that instead of apple sauce.

My kids love carrots and so I didn’t feel the need to puree them. If your kids need a boost, then this is the recipe you will want to make for them! Made them this morning and my 13 mos old LOVED them! I omitted the yogurt and added 1/4 cup more of the pear/apple sauce, cut the sugar in half and used all wheat flour. I saw you wrote in freezer but then everytime you were to go to eat one you need to let it thaw out?

I used green and orange bell peppers so nothing with huge flavour, but threw them in for the nutrition. I was wondering what kind of sugar do you normally use to cook for your kids? But i was thinking what kind of sugar is better for my kid (he is almost 3)? Our opinion at SHK is that all simple sugars — agave, sucrose, honey, maple syrup, raw sugar, molasses, brown sugar, corn syrup, turbinado sugar, etc should be reduced in your diet.

The bulk of the mix was banana, squash, and spinach. While there is much controversy around this issue, your body processes these sugars much in the same way. Splenda leads into an entirely different class of sweeteners known as ‘artificial sweeteners’.

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Thank you for the help The only veggie I steam was the broccoli – I used leftover broccoli that I had already steamed. The original recipe used less broccoli, so I wonder if you noticed the scent? I followed the recipe and can’t see how everyone loves them…secrets I’m missing, don’t know if I’d try again or not. I didn’t steam the brocoli and used steamed cauliflower and apples, they took forever to bake, like 50 mins and tasted too much like brocoli. The only problem I can foresee is if it makes the puree too ‘liquidy’ from over-blending.

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