Late 1950s dating habits

Foods of choice: Mussolini loved a simple salad of roughly chopped garlic drenched with oil and fresh lemon juice.

He thought French food was "worthless." Benito Mussolini founded and led Italy's Fascist Party from the 1920s, consolidating power and creating a totalitarian state.

A typical meal in the Mussolini household was punctual, with everyone seated and served at the table before his arrival.

Foods of choice: Idi Amin loved roast goat, cassava, and millet bread.

By his last year, 1971, his wife had to spoon-feed him.

Dinner etiquette: He reportedly had a sizable team of women make sure every single grain of rice that was served to him was identical in size, shape, and color.

Foods of choice: Hitler's vegetarianism has been attributed to ideological reasons, but it also may have been motivated by his belief that a meatless diet would relieve his chronic flatulence and constipation.

He ruled ruthlessly for eight years, during which an estimated 300,000 civilians were massacred.

Foods of choice: Pol Pot enjoyed venison, wild boar, snake, fresh fruit, brandy, and Chinese wine. Pol Pot and his communist Khmer Rouge movement in Cambodia orchestrated a brutal, anti-intellectual "social engineering program" in which up to 2 million Cambodians were executed or overworked or starved to death.

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