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Sorry, but the other thing is that it showed in the traditional burn, the wood is pilled up to the point you can barely see the victim so the suspended method was favored when the witch was a prominent person who deserved the more visible treatment.I know you, and many others, are fans of the classic "Clockwork Orange" but have you seen Scat Work Orange starring Simon Thaur from Innovative Productions that takes the movie to new, very dirty extremes?To paraphrase Sam Peckinpah when asked why he made his movie violence so real...Unless people know what real violence looks and feels like, things will never change.This was supposed to prolong her suffering, which it did to some extent, but it still only took 18 minutes for the flames to fully engulf her.

In some small part, it is the result of media depictions of violence of all types that provoke thought and intelligent discussion which brings about a change in attitude in general society.

Jhlipton wrote: "I decided to take a break because snuff was taking over my fantasies." What the hell is a matter with you man. First of two mainstream mini reviews: Mainstream mini review The Cottage is an English film about a couple of inept kidnapper brothers.

As the movie starts, they are discussing whether to leave the kidnapped girl, played by Jennifer Ellison the truck of the car or bring her inside while they make their ransom demands.

They end up moving her inside, as this becomes the start of all kinds of misfortunes for the kidnappers as well as the kidnap victim.

The victim is gagged and bound with her hands behind her back for a good portion of the first hour of the film. The dialog and situations in this one was a crack-up and had me busting up laughing, especially early on. of not giving away too much plot w/mainstreams), with one of the kidnappers facing impending doom from a local, he hesitates for a moment as he turns to look at the girl (the kidnap victim, escaped) who is yelling at him with a gutter mouth filled with all kind of expletives.

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