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We woke up this morning around , still a little tired and jetlagged, but excited to go out into the city of Addis and look at our new surroundings.

This is typically eaten with different vegetable and meat stews . After lunch we headed to the Lepers village, where we visited several families struggling to get by and were able to provide them with some important daily staples, such as oil and soap.Even Aaron's gastrointestinal explosions in the car couldn't deter me (we drove mostly with the windows down).The South Boundary trail runs parallel to the dividing line between the former Taos and Rio Grande Del Rancho land grants.This is a unique place that the hospital offers to past and present patients and others in need where they can make beautiful tapestrys, tablecloths, shirts, blankets and wall hangings 'from scratch.' The whole process, from start to finish, happens at the craft center: they make the string/yarn that they use; put it onto smaller stools, weave the blankets, and embroider them with beautiful designs.After our tour, we had a beautiful lunch-- my first experience with real Ethiopian food!

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