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Some were single, some were attached, others had just come out of a long-term relationship.

Within a few minutes I had matched with a couple of BFFs and started chatting.

I was relieved at how easy it was to chat to these potential mates on Bumble - the conversation just flowed and I could imagine sitting across from these women in a coffee shop and sharing a laugh.

Bumble is a location-based app so you can connect with people from your own stomping ground - which is great if you live in a big city and perfect if you're from a regional or remote area.

I can honestly say that Bumble has opened me up to a world of potential new friendships.

Bumble started as an app to connect people with future significant others, but Bumble is no longer only a dating app.

We have partnered with Mamamia to bring you the ultimate guide on how to Bumble. The Tor Project, a non-profit company which launched across the Atlantic in Walpole, Massachusetts in 2002, exists with the objective of making anonymous web-surfing mainstream. As the Government calls for Google and other major web companies to block “harmful” content and online links to child pornography and extremist material, fears have been raised that increased policing online is pushing users towards the proxy, which obscures the identity of both users and the sites it hosts.Creating my Bumble profile was super easy - I uploaded a few pics, wrote a little blurb about myself (making sure to note my love for cheese and onion chips and indoor plants) and then linked up my Spotify account so my potential BFFs could witness my intense obsession with all things Aussie hip hop. Bumble BFF works just like the dating side of the app - you browse through profiles and swipe right if you think they could be your new BFF and swipe left if you just don't think you'd have that much in common.I was surprised by how many profiles caught my eye - I felt like a could share a cocktail and good laugh with many of these women.

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