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Last spring, she began making products infused with cannabis oil under her ‘Nana's Secret’ line.

Her specialty is pot-infused soda - with the soda concentrate produced by a client of the labeling business.

Their most recent startup is, which helps restaurants monitor what people are saying about them on social media.

He and Miller, 38, who has also worked as a bartender, are excited about Washington's grand experiment.

Frid says his most gratifying work is helping patients get off opiates the way he did, so he has mixed feelings about applying for a recreational retail license.

The future of unregulated medical marijuana in Washington is dim - many state officials see it as a threat to the heavily taxed recreational system. His father worked for a large grocery cooperative in California.

For a while, that meant working in journalism, enticed by its power to shape public discourse.

Before being laid off in 2009, he worked as a reporter for the Business Examiner, a biweekly publication in Tacoma.

About two years ago, she says, she noticed improvement in both when she started using marijuana.

So she abandoned Paris for Seattle, where she's been developing recipes for marijuana-infused chocolate truffles for recreational and medical use. A cannabis business park northwest of Olympia that would feature his growing operation, Cascade Crops, as well as retail stores run by his mother, father and aunt.

Her aim is to create ‘a beautiful package’ like French chocolate or pastries for people like her daughter. Growing and selling marijuana with a few other political science majors. Decades later, the businesswoman and real estate agent found herself in Washington state with a husband, seven children and a strong bias against illegal drugs.

He earned a degree in agriculture business management and started marketing organic and natural products for a food broker.

His father liked thinking he was helping people eat better.

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