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one I no I have been dressing in womaning clothing for about 15 year and yes it fantastic feeling ever hand up i love playing with my self when I'm dress up and I do think about someone else tuch me but I have not got that fare that not saying I would go for it . I know many places like the Green bench on Bloodmountain here in the heart of the most beautiful...My favorite outfit to wear, a pretty dress and heels.Sometime around 3 am my restlessness had awoken her, softly she asked" what's going on baby? one day my mom caught ne wearing one of her tights under my pants, she didnt mind but the doesnt want me to tell dad about that...I love doing the whole thing: tucking away the problem, slicking on the hose, pulling up the panties, hooking up the bra, lacing up the corset (especially this!), pulling on the skirt, buttoning up the blouse, slipping on the heels (as high as I can get), and then the make-up...this is the followup of my first nite out as Michele.

When I am dressed like that I feel so special and...I m a guy who loves to crossdress and I am typing this wearing a dress, heels, lacy underwear and nude pantyhose.Its a great feeling to be able to share and be who we are without ridicule.I love to wear dresses, I feel more femme in one and myself think dresses are sexy.I wear dresses most of the time, I find them comfortable and fashionable.

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I feel so comfortable and so sexy that I can hardly stand it. i really didnt have any plans to go out or think i had the courage to do so. First I dressed in my French maids outfit, black and white very mini skirt and petticoat, black fishnets, black patent heels, auburn wig and full make up.

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